The climate control for the livestocks , animal housing and stables is an important aspect to guarantee animal wellness.


Efficient climate controls help farming operations reduce overhead and increase profitability. ITALFOG misting systems ensure that your facilities  retain an appropriate climate providing maximum comfort for your animals (cooling for poultry, buffalo, pigs, chickens, horses).


Poultry climate control

Misting provides heat stress relief for all categories of poultry. Mortality is dramatically reduced. Stress-free broilers continue to eat and grow. Layers produce more eggs. Breeders are more active and produce higher quality eggs.


Pig climate control

In the hog world, misting increases the farrowing sow’s appetite, which improves milk production.
This, in turn, boosts the litter weight at weaning, increases the size of future litters and allows the sow to go back into heat quicker. Cool conditions increase sex drive and sperm count, as well as sexual development.


Cattle climate control

Cattle are also subject to heat stress. This condition can affect milk production, weight gain and breeding cycles. The misting systems help to reduce temperatures and at the same time drive cows to eat more and produce more milk.


Horse climate control

Horses are often kept inside barns which may be substantially hotter than outside temperatures due to radiant heating of the structure.

Despite their ability to sweat, horses still have difficulty cooling themselves when temperatures become extreme. Because of their large size, their body heat tends to accumulate faster than they can get rid of the excess. Especially in conditions of high humidity, when sweat no longer evaporates to cool the skin, horses are prone to heat exhaustion and heat stroke, which can be extremely dangerous.



An Italfog misting system, when installed in a barn, introduces a steady supply of water to the air in the form of ultra-fine droplets which evaporate before they hit the ground. A correctly installed misting system creates a curtain of mist, which can reduce temperatures in the immediate area by as much as 20 to 30 degrees Fahrenheit (depending on the outdoor temperature and relative humidity).

The best results from a misting system are achieved when the mist is produced in an area which already has good airflow.

Many people like to install a line of misting nozzles just under the eaves of the barn. In alternative the misting fans are a "cool" alternative. The use of misting fans help to guarantee a good airflow index.


For more information about Italfog mist fog systems used for Livestock, Horses, stables contact Italfog referent in your country connecting to Italfog form on line on this website or download the document about misting systems in livestock.

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